Posted in Musings by joelavatari on December 11, 2008

Because Plurk is down and because I don’t have time to write a semi decent blog post, I shall, instead, rant about two things that are currently bugging me today.

First off, the ingenious idea of someone to have a GMA resign rally during one the busiest days of the fucking year. Give me a break, the second to the last Friday before Christmas and you want to stage a rally in the middle of the busiest place in the metro? I mean, are you guys fucking communists? Why not stage it in Tondo or in fucking Payatas? Think about it. You won’t have to haul tons of squatters to your freaking rally. They do comprise majority of your participants’ right? Also, nobody has to clean up your freaking mess after you’re done.

I’m not a pro Gloria mind you. I hate her as much as the next Juan Dela Cruz, my problem is messing with the already fucked up traffic in the metro. You’re wasting gas and energy.

Binay approved of it I’m sure. The dude thinks he’s Zorro, for someone in charge with the country’s main central business district; he should have set aside his issues rather than jeopardizing business and commerce when we all know we are in the brink of an economical crisis. How stupid can you get?

Secondly, the ingenious plan of Websapient to plagiarize the works of a TMB resident web designer, Marco Palinar. How stupid can you get? Websapient is posing as a web design company specializing web design and e-commerce development. My balls are itching and I scratch them with this stupid statement.

Marco Palinar portfolio

Marco the site guy’s site

Websapient’s Plagiarism

As of press time, Websapient has already taken down the web page. I mean how reliable is a web design company that plagiarizes other people’s works? I say it’s a front, a fly by Night Company that will take innocent customer’s money and laugh about it in school during recess. Douche bags.

So there you have it. Two assholes deserving of a cock spanking, may these douchebags get infected with gonorrhea and herpes at the same time.



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